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    NOTE: This plan is ONLY 4G compatible if you have a monthly plan of $29.95 or higher. Won't work as a standalone plan.

    Page Plus Cellular gives prepaid users the power of ultra-low rates in a phone that will work practically anywhere. Low prices (as low as 6 cents per min!) and great service on the Verizon national network, make Page Plus Cellular one of the best choices for anyone looking for prepaid service.

    The replenishment cycle for standard prepaid cell phone minutes is 120 days. In order to keep your Page Plus service active, you must add airtime prior to your end-of-service date, which is 120 days from your last replenishment. Failure to do so will trigger a 30-day grace period, after which your phone number will be deactivated.

    Minutes Text Messaging Nights and Weekends Expiration Period Data and MMS
    100 @ $0.10/min $0.05/message sent or received Regular Rate 120 Days MMS/Picture email $0.25 + Data Charges (0.12¢ per KB) per message.

    NOTE: If attempting to add your Page Plus PIN via website or through their automated method, please note that you may receive an error stating the PIN is invalid or an error has occured. This is an underlying issue with Page Plus' replenishment system. Please contact customer service at the number below and speak to a live representative to assist you with adding the PIN. Customer Service Number: 1-800-550-2436

    3-Way Calling BREW (App Store) Call Forwarding Caller ID Caller ID Blocking Call Waiting Direct International Dialing International Roaming International Text Messaging (SMS) Mobile Web (WAP) No Answer/Busy Transfer Online Account Management Picture/Video Messaging (MMS) Premium Text Messaging (PSMS) Text Messaging (SMS) Voice Mail

    International Text

    $0.20/message sent or received

    International Calling

    All direct-dialed international calls are billed at $1.50 per minute, with the following exceptions:
    •Canada, Guam: 34¢ per minute
    •Mexico (landline): 34¢ per minute
    •Mexico (cellular): 49¢ per minute
    •Puerto Rico: 12¢ per minute

    See provider for rates

    Refill Instructions

    Press #REP (#737) from your mobile phone and follow the prompts Or, dial 1-877-359-6695 from your landline phone

    Refill Compatibility

    Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes are only compatible with the carrier above and with all PAY AS YOU GO and Unlimited Prepaid Wireless plans by this provider. If you are uncertain as to what type of Plan you have and what kind of Refill Minutes you need, please call our customer service representatives toll-free at 1-888-542-5585 from 8am to 6pm PST.

    Provider Contact or 1-800-550-2436

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    How It Works

    Purchase your refill minutes online and have it delivered in real time. All airtime refill PINs are delivered instantly on the confirmation page and again in a confirmation email. Your refill purchase details will be also recorded in your secure account order history page.

    To ensure your security, you will be asked to enter and confirm the mobile number for which you want to buy airtime. Click on "Validate My Phone Number" and we will immediately confirm that the mobile number entered is compatible with the airtime ordered. In the event of a validation error, please try again to carefully enter your mobile number. This validation process takes only a moment and will ensure that your personal information is safe and secure and that you are purchasing a compatible airtime refill for your phone. If any additional verification is needed, you will receive a phone call from a customer service agent within a few minutes of placing your order, if your order was placed during our normal business hours between 8am and 8pm EST.