Save even more with PinCheap Rewards!

We not only offering low prices and discounts, we build relationship with our customers. We want to reward our loyal customers with even more savings.

PinCheap Rewards is our way to say thank you to our loyal customers. Rewards program is free and you get enrolled when you register for an account at

When you register your account, you will immediately get 100 bonus points and can earn points on all your purchases on our website. Your points will automatically accumulate and stock up as you order more prepaid airtime refills  Your points may be doubled, tripled or even sextupled (6x) if you have reached the Silver, Gold or Diamond status level that entitles your account for bonus points!

You may redeem your points for your future purchase of any prepaid refills on our website – no limitations.  To redeem your points, simply click the “Use Points” on the checkout page. Points available for use will be displayed in your account. You can redeem your points once you have at least 500 points in your account.


You earn PinCheap Points every time when you make a purchase on our website. The amount of PinCheap Points you earn is based on the amount you spend on your order.


In addition to the PinCheap Points you earn for your purchase, you can also earn Points for a lot options listed below:
Earn Points for Customer Registration – 100 Points
Earn Points when Submitting a Review – 100 Points
Earn Points from Referring a Friend – 100 Points


Earn even more PinCheap Bonus Points when you achieve Silver, Gold or Diamond status. Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

  • Rewards program is free for all registered customers of
  • Customer must create an account to get enrolled to the rewards program
  • Account should be in good standing, meaning no disputes or chargeback claims history
  • PinCheap reward dollar value per point is $0.01.
  • Points must be redeemed in whole numbers, and will be rounded up to the nearest whole point value when redeeming
  • Points earned per dollar spent- 1 point for $1 spent
  • Reward points are non-transferrable
  • Points can be earned on every purchase of any prepaid refill / recharge product
  • Points are being issued for every order and automatically added to your account, points can be redeemed once your balance is 500 points or more
  • Using points as payment method, you can see price in points for product in your shopping cart and apply points at the checkout by selecting Reward Points under Payment Options
  • Exact amount of points required for purchase will be deducted from your account and will be credited to your purchase.
  • Partial crediting is allowed. Partial crediting may be applied if available reward points exceed the total purchase price
  • You can make split payment, pay with your points and credit card or PayPal.
  • Promotions and monthly orders volume might trigger, double and triple points

Silver, Gold or Diamond Status Bonus Points

Customers with high monthly orders volume can earn additional bonus points based on their total purchase for any given month. Bonus points will be added for customers that have reached the Silver, Gold or Diamond statuses.